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Technovacsystem Ltd. develops technologies for heat treatment and chemical-heat treatment, metal coating deposition, vacuum brazed workpieces, PIM / MIM processes, etc. for its customers. They are innovative and have been developed for projects, financed under the PHARE program of the European Union and the National Innovation Fund of Bulgaria. In the period 2004 – 2011 the company completed successfully the following scientific research projects::

✓ „Development of technologies for carburizing and nitrocarburizing in pulsed glow discharge and rapid gas cooling“ ;

✓ „Technologies for multicomponent metal nanocoatings deposition on tools“ ;

✓ „Technology for obtaining new materials with high hydrogen storing capacity“ ;

✓ „Development of technological processes for proton exchange membrane hydrogen fuel cells production“.

For the needs of the manufacture of products with complex configuration, technologies and vacuum furnaces for carrying out the PIM / MIM processes are developed.