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High-vacuum high-temperature furnace


The vacuum furnace is designed for brazing, annealing, sintering, nitriding, carbonitriding, etc. of products made of tool and structural steel at temperatures up to 1250oС in the field of mechanical engineering, automotive industry, etc. . Diamond and CBN tools can be brazed in the vacuum furnace.


The furnace is of vertical type and comprises:
✓ vacuum chamber with double water-cooled walls;
✓ high-vacuum pump system;
✓ power supply and a control unit;
✓ gas introducing system;
✓ water-cooling system.

 Technical characteristics

Working space dimensions, D x H , mm 420 x 480
Maximum weight of the workpieces, kg 150
Maximum working temperature °С 1250
Limited vacuum, hPa 5.10-5