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Vacuum furnace for ion chemical-heat treatment and rapid gas cooling


The vacuum furnace is designed for annealing, nitriding, carbonitriding, brazing, sintering etc. at temperatures up to 1100оС. It is used in mechanical engineering, automotive industry and others.


The furnace is of horizontal type and comprises:
✓ vacuum chamber with double water-cooled walls;
✓ high-vacuum pump system;
✓ power supply and a control unit;
✓ water-cooling system;
✓ receiver with a compressor;
✓ rapid gas cooling system;
✓ gas introducing system.

 Technical characteristics

Working space dimensions, L x B x H, mm 1100x1100x1100
Maximum weight of the workpieces, kg 1000
Maximum working temperature, °С 1100
Limited vacuum, hPa 5.10-5