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Vacuum furnace for quenching small-size products


The equipment is designed for quenching small – size products made of structural steel, such as : nails, rings, pallets, spring shims, etc. , in oil or water. The workpieces are dumping in a drum, which is in constant rotary ensuring homogeneous heating of the workpieces. The furnace can be used for annealing, quenching, nitriding, carburizing The facility is a low energy intensive and is characterized by high productivity.


The furnace comprises:
✓ cylinder, horizontal heating module;
✓ drum, mounted in the heating module;
✓ cooling tank;
✓ low – vacuum pump system;
✓ power supply and a control unit for automated operation and control of the equipment and the technological process;
✓ gas introducing system.

 Technical characteristics

Working space dimensions, D x L , mm 375 х 1000
Maximum weight of the workpieces, kg 50
Maximum working temperature, °С 1000
Limited vacuum, hPa 1.10-1