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Vacuum plant for ion nitriding


The vacuum plant is used for the processes - nitriding and carbonitriding in the glow discharge of the details of various steel and other materials in order to increase their surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is used in various fields of the industry: military, automotive, shipbuilding and oil industry, in the production of machine tools, hydraulic gear pumps, construction machinery, Material Handling, machinery for the food and chemical industry.


The furnace comprises:
✓ vacuum chamber - bell type;
✓ gas introducing system;
✓ vacuum pump system;
✓ impulse plasma generator;
✓ power supply and a control unit.

 Technical characteristics

Working space dimensions, D x H , mm 1300 х 1000
Maximum weight of the workpieces, kg 1000
Maximum working temperature, °С 700
Working gas nitrogen, hydrogen, ammonia, argon, methane, LPG
Working pressure, Ра (0.1-10).102