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Vacuum plant for three-component multilayer coating deposition by electro-arc evaporation


The vacuum plant is designed for coatings deposition of various metals or compounds on their basis. An advantage of the facility is the possibility to obtain single-layer or multi-layer single-compound coatings, and the single-layer or multi-layer multi-component coatings.


Vacuum plant comprises:
✓ water-cooled vacuum chamber – horizontal type;
✓ high-vacuum pump system;
✓ electro-arc evaporators with water-cooled titanium electrodes-cathodes
✓ еlectro-resistant heater;
✓ power supply and a control unit;
✓ dosing gas system for Ar, N2, O2, CH4;
✓ water-cooling system.

 Technical characteristics

Working space dimensions, D x H , mm 370 x 300
Low voltage electro-arc power, pcs 3
Maximum working temperature, °С 650
Limited vacuum, hPa 1.10-6