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Vacuum plants for coating deposition

Technovacsystem Ltd. designs and manufactures vacuum plant for coating deposition with different functions: reflective, selective, decorative, wear-resistant, corrosion resistant, biocompatible, catalytic coatings.

The vacuum plants provide:
✓ uniformity of the coating;
✓ quality and repeatability of the results;
✓ optimized use of the workspace;
✓ efficient use of the coating deposition material during the process.

Vacuum equipment for coating deposition by magnetron sputtering, electro-arc evaporation and thermal evaporation are manufactured at a request from customer, thereby providing an optimal solution. All equipment can be equipped with rotary tables in order to increase the efficiency of facilities. The use of high quality materials and innovative constructive and technological solutions ensure high efficiency, the preservation of the characteristics of the vacuum furnace for a long period of time and the quality of the products.