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Coating deposition

Technovacsystem Ltd. successfully solves the manufacturing problems of customers through the development of technologies for coating deposition by magnetron sputtering and electro-arc evaporation. Single-layer or multi-layer, single-component or multi-component metal coatings deposition improve the physical, chemical, mechanical and decorative properties of the workpieces. Coating deposition with thickness of 10 μm, based on Ti, Cr, Al, Cr-Ni, Cu, C and their compounds, such as: TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, TiAlCN, CrN, AlN, etc. .

The advantages of the coatings depositions by magnetron sputtering and electr-arc evaporation in a vacuum are:

✓ absence of undesirable formation of oxide layer;
✓ precise control of the coating thickness;
✓ forming a strong bond between the coating and the workpiece;
✓ efficient use of the coating material;
✓ control of the coating structure.