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Diamond tools

Technovacsystem Ltd. improves the technologies for diamond tools by vacuum brazing. The technologies consist of brazing of the diamond powder on the metal corpus in a vacuum furnace. The advantages of the vacuum brazed diamond tools are the following:

✓ possibility for complex design tools to be manufactured;
✓ strong bond of synthetic diamond to the metal corpus;
✓ long "life" of the tools, considering the use of synthetic diamond with high temperature resistance;
✓ does not require water-cooling during the operation;
✓ there is not risk of breaking a segment of the tool during the operation;
✓ the technology does not pollute the environment and is energy effective.

The vacuum brazed diamond tools are intended for cutting, profiling, drilling, grinding and polishing products with complex configuration made of granite, stone, marble, Granitogres, terracotta, limestone, faience, laminated fabric, laminated glass, plaster cardboard, aerated concrete, foam concrete, etc.